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Tom Hiddleston in Seoul, South Korea | #Loki #ThorTDW @M C Via #Twitter (October 13, 2013)

“ Tom Hiddleston in Seoul “ Thor-The Dark World ” press conference ”

I. am. so. happy! Colin and Tom are friends! And Tom tweeted Yabba-dabba-doo! XD

This blows my mind. Two adorkable guys I love but would never think to connect--completely fangirling over each other. Imagine Tom guest starring on Whose Line!

Headcanon accepted: “Loki was, on some level, under the influence of the Tesseract."  I like Loki too much to see him as absolutely crazy.

If you notice on some scenes of the Avengers, whenever Thor tries to take Loki back to Asgard, you can see how his eyes are green as he fights himself. On Stark Tower, while stabbing Thor, look closely and you can also see Loki shedding a small tear.

That lokis hair is fantastic though.<<< That is true bit right now I'm heart is breaking so I can enjoy old Lokis hair later

My heart. "That Loki died a long time ago." Unfortunately true. That Loki died in the weapons vault when he discovered he was a Frost Giant.<<<NOT OKAY <<< NO. That's not true. I believe that somewhere, deep inside, that Loki is still there.

Loki is a scientist by acantharia on DeviantArt

"Prince" is a title, but not a profession. Being a prince, he may also have a profession unrelated to public affairs. Most likely he is a scientist, or rather a physicist and engineer, specialized on spacetime anomalies. And also a traveller and explorer.

Tom Hiddleston cosplaying as Loki at Comic Con 2013. So many fangirl squeals! ESTHER!

Hemsworth might be pretty, but Tom Hiddleston seems pretty awesome. This is him cosplaying as Loki at Comic Con but also click the link to see how he got there - in a Jango Fett costume on the plane!

I am actually wondering about this now too. However a couple issues. Loki was left my Laufey to die because he is too small, Odin says so. So more likely his mother isn't terrain (human) but could've had the same form and been from another planet. We see many human looking people not of earth. Whoever it was- if she was human or mortal she died a very long time ago.

Loki 's birth mother - My mind is blown right now, IT MAKES SENSE. << I like this theory, but tend to think maybe she was Asgardian, not human.