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Allure of role-playing (I don't do Skyrim, myself, but I do RP and play other RP-ish style games)

It was the funniest nonsense I've ever heard. #JamesMoriarty

Miley Cyrus on Critics Who Call Her Act Racist: 'They're Just Jealous'

I find it funny that they're both in the hobbit, sherlock, and now they're both in the marvel universe. If they cross over in even one movie, my life will be complete lol

So r/skyrim....

I was going to explain this Skyrim joke but then i took an arrow to the knee <-- that comment tho

Thank Talos!

Until it saves literally seconds before you get killed and have to watch in misery as you die again and again with no chance of avoiding your death. Then with a heavy heart, you have to quit the game and load a save from 2 hours ago