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#Fitness | La Reserve Ramatuelle - France 3 Night Express Fit & Beauty Programme. A short break with express results. This 3-night stay ensures you maximise on the full expertise of La Reserve Ramatuelle, and putting your body through it's paces.

#Fitness | The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort - Malaysia. 7 Night Body Sculpt A specialized slimming plan dedicated to improve your body contour.

#Detox | Chiva Som - Thailand. 7 Night Art Of Detox Programme. When you know that you’ve asked too much of your body; then it’s time to guide your body through Chiva-Som’s art of Detox Retreat. At Chiva-Som they have been guiding their guests through detoxification for years, and they know how to adjust the process to suit your needs. Programmes allows you to decide whether to go through a radical or gentle dietary change and to vary the length according to your needs

#StopSmoking | SHA Wellness Clinic - Spain. 7 night Anti-tobacco Programme. The objective of SHA Anti-tobacco programme is to quit smoking in a natural and healthy way, recovering the natural functionality of the lungs and related organs.

#Fitness | SHA Wellness Clinic - Spain. 4 night Fitness Programme. SHA Wellness have created a new fitness programme which is not only based on the intention of losing weight or decreasing body fat, but more importantly their aim is to help you enjoy an active lifestyle for mind, body and soul.

#Medical Spa | Parkhotel Igls - Austria. 7 Night Super Medical Check We recommend this module to all guests who wish to have an analysis for their body’s most crucial functional processes and to receive an assessment regarding any potential risk factors as part of a situation analysis. This module offers preventative medical care of the highest standard

#Detox | Como Shambhala - Indonesia 7 Night Cleansing Detox Programme. Working on the premise that the liver, bowels, kidney and skin are the body’s most effective detoxification organs, Como Shambhala's consultants will encourage good nutrition and daily elimination to improve lymphatic circulation and keep these organs in top working order.

#Fitness | Absolute Sanctuary - Thailand. 7 Night Be Fit Package. has specially designed a fitness program using a holistic approach to cater to those seeking to improve their fitness levels or for those who want to kick start a fitness regime.

#Fitness | Longevity Wellness Resort - Portugal. 7 Night Longevity Fit & Slim Programme Get back on track with the perfect combination of fitness, detoxifying spa rituals, slimming meals, and natural supplements for optimal results.