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This lavishly illustrated, fully authorized biography follows the life of legendary explorer Sir Edmund Hillary-from his historic 1953 Everest climb to his adventures in New Zealand and the Pacific, Antarctica, North America, and India to his philanthropic achievements for the Sherpa people. Author Biography: Alexa Johnston is a freelance writer and curator of a recent Wash

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The 25 Essential Books for the Well-Read Explorer

“She is very startling, pixie-like, otherworldly…One feels if one were to touch her, she would crumble into silver dust.” Susan Sontag about Anaïs Nin, from Reborn: Journals & Notebooks

Mike Perham was only 16 when he set off to begin his attempt to sail around the world by himself, and just 17 when he successfully completed the journey. This teen has much to share with others about his goals and dreams, his struggle, and his incredible journey to accomplish something so amazing. Developmental Assets: Family support, Integrity, Self-esteem, Personal power. #sailing #adventure

For you Muso Book Worms this is such a great read....i love knowing the meaning behind his songs....and to think he has written over 400 songs ! What a champion! 10/10!!!!

Caddie, a Sydney barmaid : an autobiography written by herself with an introduction by Dymphna Cusack. First published in 1953 by Constable, London. This 1966 edition by Sun Books, Melbourne, includes an introduction by Dymphna Cusack. Cusack helped the author prepare the original manuscript. In 1975 it was made into a movie starring Jackie Weaver and Helen Morse. From the collection of the State Library of New South Wales:

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15 Best Leadership Books Every Young Leader Needs To Read

Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin - 15 Best Leadership Books Every Young Leader Needs To Read

The story of the Williams sisters is bigger than the bare facts of the tennis record books. They are two girls who came from the ghetto to dominate in a sport that has always been seen as middle class and almost exclusively played by white players. The Williams sisters are proud African-Americans. Yet their triumphs have been forged out of hard labour and tainted by genuine tragedy. Serena and Venus Williams are a phenomenon. They are the very stuff of legend.

Surf For Your Life 352 pages Mick Fanning is young, but he's had many experiences that most of us never will. How does it feel to lose a brother? Win a world title? Rip your hamstring muscle clean off the bone? Mick tells his life story candidly while providing intimate insights into the personal lessons gained along the way, with practical tips on surfing technique, fitness, nutrition, board design, travel, competitive strategies, and mental clarity.