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Time Machine Chronambulator Dial

Alchemy Gothic Steampunk Time Machine Chronambulator Dial The beating heart of the pan-dimensional adventurer's, retro hi-tech time machine; the ornate clock face, (powered by quartz technology), is fronted by a perpetual roller-dial calendar.

self-propelled Victorian house called “Neverwas Haul” was built by a couple from California. It is constructed on the base of a wheel travel trailer and its rooms are crammed with all sorts of oddities including a camera obscura projector.

18595605_10156096258915410_8455497318197534243_o.jpg (720×1153)

18595605_10156096258915410_8455497318197534243_o.jpg (720×1153)

Steampunk GIZMODuck model

Steampunk GIZMODuck model

Like It by Design316041

Hand made by Art Donovan. Steampunk Table Lamp- "Thin White Duke" from Donovan Design

Gulya Alexeev - master of art dolls

No artist associated with this doll. Great combination of found object and art doll.

The Most Over-the-Top #CoffeeMaker in the World

The Most Over-the-Top Coffee Maker in the World

A steampunk coffee maker to give your kitchen that science laboratory vibe.but I'm don't drink coffee so I'm thinkin some kind of drink maker.

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DIY Fairy Lanterns!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

This would be great for a tinker bell costume. Not necessarily Tink-but maybe vidia, or the pirate fairy, all her colored dusts! Fire Pixie Fashion: LED Fairy Lights - Steampunk Costume Accessory and Fairy Room Decor