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I like the idea of a self portrait using mixed media - might have to use this one for class, perhaps pick 4 artists and styles? Picasso, Dali, LItchenstein, Rembrant, etc. Must pick 4 artists that we studied in class.

Embroidered Portrait - i really like how this self portrait is communicated so literally, the tonal range gives a realistic feel it almost looks like muscle under the skin, i think it is quite skillful hot the eye looks so photographic done with just threads.

Breathtaking Surreal Self Portraits by 20-Year-Old Rachel Baran

20 years old U.S.-based photographer Rachel Baran creates powerful surreal and conceptual self portraits

Self Portrait by Clive Barker... I absolutely can relate to this. I couldn't have drawn it like Clive brought it to life. LOVE THIS!!!

I love fragments within this piece, it looks like each of the features on the face are from a different person, i would like to do something in the style as I think it is very interesting and effective.