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We should all be this for one another-- not JUST your daughters!   We ALL need at least ONE person in our life that will be this for us and WE will be for at least one other!!!!!

Godden I will always be there for you no matter what. I will stand by you through it all. I will pick you up when you fall down each and everytime. I love you and that will never change.

To my child

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This is so very true. Sometimes it seems ok to do something because everyone else does it. But gotta remember what's what.

What I will teach my kids. Perfectly explained - why can't more people remember this?

and my grandkids!

My boys r my heart and soul and yes I love that I have a man. My boys make me so proud.

Yes!  When they are little, we want them to act the age we think they should act.  When they grow up, we long for the days when they were little.  If we're not careful, we teach them that who they are and what makes them unique is wrong. Let an energetic child be an energetic child with no medication necessary.  It is normal that they need to move.  Let children who need to talk, talk.  It's normal.  Sometimes we expect more of them than we do of ourselves, and we wonder why they act out.

This is so true, Only so small for so long. My baby has grown up way too fast . He is the most perfect 6 year old little boy, I'm very blessed to be his mommy and I'm very thankful to have him in my life everyday!


So true. rarely ever do I have time to do my hair, makeup, or wear nice clothes, but that's because my time is better spent with my kids. They'll remember whether mom spent quality time with them or not.

Just love  this sweet and funny remembrance of advice from a mom

Friday Flash Blog

this is so true. just by becoming a mom one becomes insane, but a 'good' kind of insane. the loving your kids kind of insane. i love you both insanely.

Parenting creed #parentingtoddlerssimple

Parenting creed #parentingtoddlerssimple


Love this quote!


A mother's job is to teach her children not to need her anymore.The hardest part of that job is accepting success. Bitter sweet my babies are grown and independent 💕

This is so true!! Love your kids with every fibre of your being & it'll all be fine x

please keep this in mind. i remember everything. so i'm very careful of what i say to my own child