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This is what Islam does to Christians. Say no to any more "refugees" coming to the U.S. Let the Muslim countries work it out. America is a Christian country. How many times must we be told that Islam wants to kill us.

African state of Angola bans Islam and will destroy all the mosques...US Should Too>>>THE TIME IS NOW!!!

Awesome. REALLY I thought there were no Radical Muslims in the U.S. only the terrorists are the radical Muslims, so is she saying she is a terrorist. ????

Obama adviser on Muslim affairs, Dalia Mogahed said Sharia law is misunderstood. Yeah - I see how MISUNDERSTOOD it is every time I see pictures of STONINGS....BEHEADINGS....TERRORIST BOMBINGS....CHRISTIAN AND JEWISH PERSECUTION.

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Around 75% of the Syrian refugees are young men of fighting age. That's highly disturbing if you ask me. #tcot