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Rosemary Smudge Sticks

If you've got rosemary in your garden, it may be one of the only ones still available for fresh harvest this time of year.  Of course, that's because this powerful little aromatic is an evergreen, ...

DIY smudge sticks, photo-tutorial

Smudge stick tutorial- clear your space of negative energy. Burning Sage will also repel mosquitos and other pests!

How To: Make Your Own Rosemary Sage Smudge Sticks

DIY ◇ Smudge Sticks for cleansing your room of bad spirits and for charging your crystal stones of negative energy! I can't wait to get started planting my seeds of ℒavender and sweet ℛose for my soon to be garden! The DIY possibilities will be endless!

Dryer sheet sachets - perfect for making your clothes/closets/drawers smell better. I'd use used dryer sheets so that what I put in them was the strongest smell. I'm thinking whole cloves, cinnamon sticks, dried herbs, even rice sprinkled with essential oils. Keep one in empty luggage. ~Ariel

Homemade Smudge Sticks - from my Christmas tree, with wormwood and sage from the garden. 24 in all - enough to burn all year and give away to friends.