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Spaghetti paint brushes. Put a rubber band around them. Cook them with the "handle" part out of the water so the "brush" is soft. Then paint. Blogger admits it is very messy.

from Red Ted Art's Blog

Goldilocks and The Three Bears Craft

Well… we have a bit of a Fairy Tale thing going here in Red Ted HQ at the moment. I think the kids are just at the right age to really enjoy hearing them, repeating them and then expanding on the Fairy Tales. So we are having a Fairy Tale Crafts bonanza! We have already …

from Red Ted Art's Blog

Santa Bookmark Corner

Super simple and fun DIY Santa Bookmark Corner. How cute is this DIY Bookmark Design? Perfect for the holiday season and another simple and easy Corner Bookmark Design from Red Ted Art. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Father Christmas is just the cutest!