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Ravenclaw Common Room ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring harry potter, backgrounds and hogwarts

Ravenclaw Common room, if it looks like this, I'm quitting Gryffindor and transferring into Ravenclaw.

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My suitcase is all packed and prepared for when I finally receive my Hogwarts letter. What do you mean I'm not a witch? The delivery owl probably just got lost, or they got the address wrong.

Welcome to the Hufflepuff common room! Please add the name of your FC that will be in this house in the comments!

I'm a Slytherin but I honestly adore the Hufflepuff common room I've always adored plants and nature so XD but I do love the Slytherin common room as well it has that gothic feel to it

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The Potions Classroom is where potions and other wizardry was taught to the young students of Hogwarts. I had a blast documenting some of the set and props of the Harry Potter movie series.