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I have met minnie mouse before.my cousin was minnie mouse at disney land

this has been planned since I was at least 8 ...<3

I LOVE huskies! Okay so I can't have an actual husky, the breed isn't suitable for a house pet but I would love one of these dogs that is cross so has the husky look but a German Shepherd temperament.

Lo que toda mujer quiere

bucket list: have a closet full of shoes. mean the closet. Have the shoes.

✅Have done this already but I want to do it again

locks of love did this last year.this is my reminder to do it every year, once a year, or as fast as my hair will grow! an EASY way to make someone's life just a litttle.

Only have done it once in california. .. gotta do it again with my husband.

Watch the sunset at the beach - Check. Watch the sunset at the beach with the one I love - .

Done! I have the best brother ever :)

^^didn't look quite like this car, haha. But, my first car was a gift w/a big bow on it, haha.

Be Spoiled on Valentines Day


Be spoiled on Valentine's Day (Accomplished every year - I'm such a lucky girl!

i want one as a gift from my love someday

Completed: birthday from my grandmother// Grandma Lillian left me a pearl necklace before she passed away. She was given the necklace for her birthday and wanted me to have it for my my mother saved it for me for 4 years after she passed away.