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Done! When i was 5 my parents took us to Disneyland.. I waited hours inline just to see Minnie Mouse. The minutes she walked towards me to hug me, i FREAKED! Her head was bigger than my body. lol We have picturesof me crying.. Haha

"Caitlin Carwile. She didn't chose the pug life, the pug life chose her."-Hannah Foval Spoken like a true best friend.

Become a wedding planner. (or at least successfully plan a wedding that isn't my own)

I'll be able to check this off after February 16th! @Kalicca Shepherd is getting married and I'm so lucky to be a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding! (:

Bucket List -- experience a white Christmas

not fun. not fun a t a l l.

I could only WISH to have that kind of love...Must really only exist in the movies...

✅Check #bucketlist DONE!✨✨

try sushi, fall madly in love with sushi, realize I can't live without sushi.... done, sir, done

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