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Omg... He looks so disappointed! Aww Xx

This is me and my brothers thing BC of this vid. When we go to a Chinese restaurant we open up our fortune and say: "It says your band sucks" <<<<

i was not warned why wasn't i warned if i was warned THEN I COULD HAVE PREPARED FOR THE CUTENESS OVERLOAD

Real quick, even tho this is Michael from he's a huge Green Day fan and is deeply one of us, give them a chance for those who think they're another

Ok this makes me really happy because Luke and Michael look like that really cute couple then Ashton and Cajun are like "WE SHIP IT!" Or is it just me?

5 Seconds Of Summer, Sam Smith e Mary J. Blige se apresentarão no American Music Awards

This happened the other day with my friend who's like Mikey and they say I'm like Luke so um yea I think I'm broken now.... Yup ...... Broken

Lol, Mikey just goes, "Oh I just hit you in the face." Luke's face is funny in this


Fetus adorablness<<Calum laughing in the back x.x ♥<< they're making fun of Ashton's hand movements. xD<<<<<<there the wiggles

☼ чσu'rє mч rαч σf sunshínє ☼ píntєrєst- @hєчítscαtrínα

5 Seconds Of Summer

Flipagram with music by 5 Seconds of Summer - Kiss Me Kiss Me

I watched this so many times and laughed so hard

5 Seconds of Summer - 100 facts about the VMAS - Facts the sass

5 Seconds of Cake

I love meet and greet photos so frickin much. Hopefully I'll get to be in one someday! Ashton, Luke, and Michael look into it, then there's poor Calum .