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Chef John's Buffalo Chicken Dip is such an awesome recipe i have made this a bunch of times already and its been a hit every time..

Old-fashioned pancakes

OLD FASHIONED PANCAKES. I didn't know pancakes could taste like this. I will never buy boxed mix again, as this is so easy! Stir together wet dry ingredients. Pour 1/4 cup batter over skillet on medium heat. Flip when bubbly and serve.

Buffalo Chicken Tacos. So good :) Can easily be gluten free, just skip the flour and dredge in cornstarch.

15 Dishes to Make Mom Smile on Mother's Day

<p>The perfect idea for mom's breakfast in bed. She will love how sweet it is, and how sweet you are for thinking of her. Get the recipe <a href=""><em><strong>here</strong></em></a>.</p>

Torrijas, a cross between French Toast and bread pudding, can be found throughout the year in Spain, but they are particularly popular for dessert around the Easter holiday. The tradition of reviving stale bread with eggs and milk dates back to Roman times, and most countries have their own particular version.

Baked Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken

Baked Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken | The Man With The Golden Tongs Goes All Out On Health |

Baked Monte Cristo Sandwiches

Baked Monte Cristo with puff pastry - made it last night. It was very tasty and pretty easy too. Definitely make sure you have rolled out the dough big enough, otherwise it's VERY hard to get the edges to meet! Serve with raspberry jam - YUM! :) Super yum