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Pattern Magic Stretch Fabrics is the third in the series of cult Japanese pattern making books, now translated into English. The new volume looks at working with stretch and jersey fabric. Material that stretches lengthways or sideways can be magical in i

Sweat Shop Paris: Lessons in Couture from the Sewing Cafe by Martena Duss,

Designing in Ivory and White: Suzanne Perron Gowns from the Inside Out by Suzanne Perron,

Bridal Gowns: How to Make the Wedding Dress of Your Dreams by Susan E. Andriks,

Dress Design: Draping and Flat Pattern Making by M. S. Hillhouse,

The latest book from the pattern cutting series from the Bunka Fashion College in Japan, school of Yohji Yamamoto. Includes 17 fashionable and achievable designs, with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and diagrams that guide the reader through the

Non-Adhesive Binding, Vol. 2: 1- 2- & 3-Section Sewings [Paperback] Keith A. Smith (Author)