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DIY The Look: Courtney Love · DIY The Look · Cut Out + Keep

Courtney Love

K-Li asked us to DIY The Look of Courtney Love ages ago so this week we decided to give it a shot:{% list 33636 %} Who would you like us to DIY the look of?

Drew Barrymore · DIY The Look · Cut Out + Keep

Drew Barrymore

This week Kt Bing recreates the hippie look of actress Drew Barrymore:"From Punky Funk to Sleek and Chic, Drew Barrymore constantly morphs from one style to the next with the greatest of ease. Here I have chosen her Daisy Grunge Girl style from th.

Amy Lee · DIY The Look · Cut Out + Keep Craft Blog

Amy Lee

This week Olivia recreates the rockstar style of Amy Lee from the band Evanescence: "A rock star with a bold and edgy look, Amy Lee expresses herself through her unique fashion sense. To show off her confidence on stage, she wears striking outfits with.

Bjork · DIY The Look · Cut Out + Keep


This week Hello Sweet Taco recreates the unique look of Icelandic singer-songwriter Bjork. "Björk was the Lady Gaga of the her fashion was questionable at times but with her charm and grace she always managed to pull it off .

By Veil of Visions. Modeled by Lady Amaranth.

Photographer Unknown - Fashion - Fantasy - Headdress - Regal - Alice In Wonderland - Queen Of Hearts concept ideas

Kate Nash · DIY The Look · Cut Out + Keep

Kate Nash

This week Tabby recreates the eccentric colourful style of singer Kate Nash. "Kate Nash has changed from the girly-girl of "Foundations" to the badass-feminist of "Sister", so she's not afraid of trying out new things.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer · DIY The Look · Cut Out + Keep Craft Blog

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Sian from The Makeup Honey recreates the look of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Kreayshawn · DIY The Look · Cut Out + Keep


DIY The Look is back with a bang and we're asking you to play celebrity stylist by putting together looks for your favourite stars! This week Annika recreates the style of musician, Kreayshawn:"Kreayshawn has that original mix of hipster and cartoon, t.

Bettie Page · DIY The Look · Cut Out + Keep Craft Blog

Bettie Page

Markee recreates the vintage pin-up style of Bettie Paige.

Feist · DIY The Look · Cut Out + Keep


Reginula styles the look of musician & singer Feist for this week's DIY The Look:"Feist’s style portrays the earthiness of her voice and the independent spirit of her music.

Nina Nesbitt · DIY The Look · Cut Out + Keep

Nina Nesbitt

This week aneniine play's celebrity stylist to DIY The Look of Scottish singer, Nina Nesbitt."Nina Nesbitt is a Scottish singer-songwriter and her popularity is rising just now.

Mary Poppins · DIY The Look · Cut Out + Keep

Mary Poppins

This week Willow Bon-Bon recreates the look of movie legend Mary Poppins:"Mary Poppins is, without doubt, a seriously classy chick! With her cute carpet bag, chic blouses and amazing collection of hats, there isn't an once of her that doesn't scream v.

Hayley Williams · DIY The Look · Cut Out + Keep

Hayley Williams

This week Olivia recreates the rockstar look of Paramore singer, Hayley Williams:"Hayley Williams isn't afraid to take risks with her fashion choices. She has an alternative rocker style that combines casual pieces with elements that really stand out.

Cut Out + Keep - DIY The Look: Blair Waldorf

Blair Waldorf may be the mean girl in Gossip Girl's but she has a great sense of style.