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The American state of Hawaii can be considered one of the world’s best travel destinations when it comes to beaches, tropical getaways, and paradise locati


Thought for the weekend: Be open to everything yet attached to nothing. You don't always need a plan - those peak life experiences (for which you are trying to plan) most often occur when you let go, trust, and are open to the surprise!


My homeschooled children are studying landforms...this is their creative interpretation of landforms. All were involved ages Enjoy!!!


See valley photos (including the Nile River Valley, Yosemite Valley, and more) in this photo gallery from National Geographic.


The Beautiful Valley Sceneries


Our beautiful planet is full of diversity and a multitude of elusive and scenic places. But it also full of strange and wonderful places that seem to come


Areas of grassland can be beautiful, especially when the grass is tall and the wind is blowing…almost like watching a green inland sea. Turn your desktop into a refreshing sea of green with the first in our series of Grasslands Wallpaper collections.


"Adieu! adieu! thy plaintive anthem fades/Past the near meadows, over the still stream/Up the hill-side; and is now buried deep/In the next valley glades:" As the nightingale flies far away, the "spell" put on Keats is removed.


Canadian Rockies, Canada Protected by parks and World Heritage Sites, the majestic Rockies are home to some of Canada’s most picturesque vistas.