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ronbeckdesigns: Two veiled chameleons (Chamaeleo calyptratus), close-up by Digital Zoo on Getty Images

chameleon by Mr. F and the light on 500px

Chameleon by lonesome photographer on

Brookesia micra: le plus petit caméléon du monde (2 â 3 cm pour un spécimen adulte).

The tiniest lizard found, grows up to and is called 'The miniature chameleon (Brookesia micra)'

Baby Chameleon | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Baby Chameleon by A.


Chameleon in the garden!

Camaleón de Jackson (Chamaeleo jacksonii), este de Africa, los machos tienen tres cuernos óseos frontales

I got to work on a chameleon for the first time this week-and it made my whole week!

love these lizards

Lizards for prep for painting

Panther Chameleon Tail Photograph  - Panther Chameleon Tail Fine Art Print

Panther Chameleon Tail by Philippe Psaila and Photo Researchers

so small and, yet, so mighty

Sleepy frog hold on tight!

High Yellow Veiled

High Yellow Veiled