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moji:  字体灯箱    via annietong1987

Light typography SKB : SHADOW TYPE A clever way to make kanji characters, in shadow. via gtokio

cool shadow from the lamp. It's in Japanese but I bet you could figure out how to do it

shadow created by a lamp. Could possible be programmed in a way that the object changes over time. what a neat idea. shadow + light are sculpture, too.


For L’Oreal's Men Expert face wash ”Dare / 敢” campaign, we prodcued 2 videos, one with Shanghai-based garage rock band Banana Monkey in which we used the prod


Face Reality As It Is: Anamorphic Typography by Thomas Quinn. Reality is all about perspective.

Amazing shadow art by Kumi Yamashita

Source of inspiration; shadow art by Kumi Yamashita* Surrounded By Colours *Source of inspiration; shadow art by Kumi Yamashita

Layer series by Nobuhiro Nakanishi http://www.nomart.co.jp/nakanishi/information.html:

Nobuhiro Nakanishi

Layer series by Nobuhiro Nakanishi - He photographs a scene or object repeatedly over time, then laser prints each shot and mounts them onto acrylic. Change is captured in each frame

Awesome. I love 'outside the box' mediums... brilliant. Artist: Andrew Myers

Amazing portraits made out of screws by Andrew Myers. Using the different depth of screw on the wall that show the portraits are very real. I can see the emotion on his face. It is hard work with meaningful and creative.

The Well

Modern art made twee. Untitled illustration by Connor Clark Latexballoon/Air/Museum, exhibition: Hans Hemmert, Centro Galego de Arte Contemporanea CGAC, Santiago de Compostella

Mind-blowing shadow art.

Funny pictures about Amazing Shadow Art. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing Shadow Art. Also, Amazing Shadow Art photos.

From architect and artist Red Hong Yi, observe these seven anamorphic Star Wars silhouettes, shadow art experiments created by shining a beam of light from a specific position onto different shapes arranged on wires.

Art for dad's, sci fi and star wars geeks everywhere, awesome and cool shadow art from objects that creates a series of cool star wars character portraits, love Vader and the storm trooper