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Community Post: GIFs Of Cats In Space

A Galactic Spectacle.

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8 Beautiful GIFs Of Space

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18 Astounding Hubble Photos Released In 2012

Astronomers are watching a delayed broadcast of a spectacular outburst from the unstable, behemoth double-star system Eta Carinae, an event initially seen on Earth nearly 170 years ago. Dubbed the "Great Eruption," the outburst first caught the attention of sky watchers in 1837 and was observed through 1858.

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9 Incredible Photos of our Universe

Rho Ophiuchi and Antares with FSQ-106ED and Reducer QE 0.73x April 2011 Saturation Elevated Light Version By hirocun

Infant Stars -- 11x14-inch Hubble Space Telescope Print on Glossy Paper by DeepSpacePhotography on etsy

A stellar nursery in the #Cygnus X star forming region. #space #astronomy

This majestic view taken by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope tells an untold story of life and death in the Eagle nebula, an industrious star-making factory located 7,000 light-years away in the Serpens constellation. The image shows the region's entire network of turbulent clouds and newborn stars in infrared light.

When you realize, I mean REALLY realize, just how big space is the eyes just open very wide and the breath comes out of you until it's empty.

A human body contains star dust, maybe that is why we have always wanted to fly. We all just want to be able to go home and be where we belong!

~~Orion Nebula Space Galaxy~~