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from BBC News

Venezuela opposition's Leopoldo Lopez hands himself in

A man holds a banner reading "24,763 violent deaths in 2013 - we are more than just figures"

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is desperate for a platform that will legitimize the rampant violence his police force perpetrates on unarmed civilians. He writes in The New York Times Wednesday that after 1,900 arrests and 38 deaths, "now is a time for dialogue and diplomacy."

WHY CONSERVATIVES support Medicare/Medicaid when their mantra is: Free Enterprise / Private Property / Limited Gov • article 2013-10-04 by Jacob Hornberger (founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation) • deep reason: envy libertarians consistency of principle + lack of faith in freedom & free markets • if Conservatives are serious @ free market, then do not reform but repeal Medicare/Medicaid