PCA'13 Beautiful Jensen

His face is perfect

DallasCon2012. How has he aged so well? It's really unfair... and awesome.

I just love his face!


This man and his killer smile

Jensen Ackles. Otherwise known as one of the most perfect people on the planet

I'm pinning Jensen Ackles to my exercise board because I want to look hot enough that he would do dirty things to me.

Jensen beautiful and an amazing actor

The differences between younger-dean and older-dean scare me sometimes

My favorite picture of Castiel <3333

Misha Collins in his trenchcoat.

Jensen Ackles

Me to Self: You don't actually need this picture of Jensen Ackles holding a toy zebra. Self to Me: Yes. Yes you do.

BurCon2012...there are no words.

No one, I repeat- no one- has eyes quite like Jensen Ackles.

Jensen, it's supernatural how gorgeous this man is.

[Vídeo] Jensen fala sobre Dean e Crowley

Jensen #SDCC - this is a nice edit - a little more true to his eye color!

Jensen - this is a nice edit - more true eye color!