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El mismo cielo

El mismo cielo

Money Can't Buy Happiness But It Can Buy by CowboyBrandFurniture, $36.00

Money Can't Buy Happiness, But It Can Buy Horses, Which Is Pretty Much The Same Thing ♞ Western Antiqued Wooden Sign

En ocasiones tenemos que abandonar #Instagram de proZesa.com  Instagram frases instagram proZesa

En ocasiones tenemos que abandonar… #Instagram de

"Tutto il mondo sorride nella stessa lingua" - Acciòn Poética <<everyone smiles in the same language>>

Noche de las Letras on

"Tutto il mondo sorride nella stessa lingua" - Acciòn Poética <<everyone…

Resultado de imagen para tumblr frases de peliculas disney

My heart died that day… that i saw you watching them the same way that i see you.

So so happy to be alive today. Smiling and am in such a good place, thank you God. We all smile in the same language, laughter is universal. Let's spread it around today. The world needs your smile.

Learn how to make-yoghurt drops! A simple and easy recipe

'I'm So Happy Today', watercolor typography, by Natsuki Otani.

I'm the type of person who doesn't enjoy hanging out second chances. But if I do decide to forgive you for whatever you've done, don't ever think I'll forget. Thinks will never really be the same between us again.

Never trust a liar or a cheater.Truth and Facts. ~ the super power of knowing ahead of time would be awesome!


20 palabras que necesitas en tu vida pero que no existen en tu idioma

From Chinese Culture. Literally: It takes hundreds of rebirths to bring two persons to ride in the same boat; it takes a thousand eons to bring two persons to share the same pillow. This goes to show just how precious yuánfèn is.

12 Frases en Coreano para Principiantes. Aprende a decir tus primeras palabras…

Im not spanish but I speak a little korean. Learning Spanish amd Korean at the same time WOOOH