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Learning A Second Language

7 Great Ideas for Teaching ESL. These are some wonderful ideas that can be used alone or as part of a lesson. My favorite is number 4. It gets students used to filling out forms, which can be tricky in another language!

from Grammarly Blog

The Coolest Word in the English Language

Grammarly Blog | Grammar & Writing • The Coolest Word in the English Language

funny grammar mistakes | funny-English-language-grammar-mistakes

Cool pics of idioms - some aren't appropriate for school (some aren't idioms either) but still useful

Make sure you know your figures of speech and avoid these common grammar mistakes! This could also be something fun to put up in an #esl classroom!

"And through the brittle air, her honeyed voice sang the most beautiful broken tune I have ever heard"

The Old World Language Families infographic from Stand Still Stay Silent Comic shows the “roots” of our modern languages. Follow each language’s path from bush to roots and discover how closely languages are related to each other #infographic #infografía