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Only Supernatural fans will understand my need for this...<<HAHAHA EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT WHEN I SAW THIS<< haha violently season your food. Lol I picture dean in the kitchen cooking, pulls out his salt shotgun, and yelling BAM! Just like Emiril

from BuzzFeed

Nathan Fillion And Joss Whedon Recently Fought With Lightsabers

Nathan Fillion And Joss Whedon Recently Fought With Lightsabers. Geek nirvana has been achieved. All thanks to Britanick’s Brian McElhaney. -------OMGOMGOMG!!!!! JOSS AND NATHAN WITH LIGHTSABERS!!!!!! HEAVEN ON EARTH!!!!!

Supernatural. "Select Your Gender: Dean or Sam Winchester." I seriously don't know. Am I a pop-culturally-savvy, bad-ass kinda person who loves old cars or am I a nerdy bookworm with fountains of knowledge who is scared of clowns. Both? Can I be both?