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HERIZ, Northwest Persian 8ft 2in x 12ft 4in Late 19th Century This extremely unique antique Persian Serapi Heriz carpet boasts a wondrously inventive all-over pattern composed of unabashedly idiosyncratic archetypal motifs, which are asymmetrically placed on an exuberant naturally dyed persimmon orange field. The composition is framed by a frequently striated, rich sapphire blue border. This folkloric 19th century carpet would have an equally striking effect on either a traditional or…

Persian Sultanabad Rug

An unusual late 19th century Persian Sultanabad antique rug, the celadon field with allover abstract whimsical floral motifs around bold stylized cartouches in cobalt blue, beige, salmon and light olive green, within a steel blue scrolling leafy vine and palmette border. Watch full size video of A Persian Sultanabad rug, Circa 1880, ID BB3264 - Video

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BAKSHAISH, Northwest Persian 9ft 4in x 11ft 3in Circa 1875 A subtly impactful carpet for either a formal and casual setting, this Bakshaish reflects the rug style’s signature freehand, asymmetrical approach to a repeating pattern as well as the masterly handling of color striation. In this remarkably well-preserved antique carpet, luminous hues of carnelian red and cornflower to sky blue gently undulate under expert waves of abrash, enhanced further by a glowing patina. An unadorned…

Serapi, 9ft 6in x 13ft 0in, 3rd Quarter, 19th Century. The estate of a prominent southern banker, the Carolina Cache includes a series of utterly amazing 19th century Persian Serapi rugs. One is this singular large room size antique carpet that perfectly marries potent colors with a spaciously placed, stylized floral design. See how crisply each of its over-scale motifs appears. The amazing depth of its royal blues create the sense of looking into a deep pool of water.

Caucasian Shirvan Runner, 4ft 1in x 9ft 7in, 3rd Quarter, 19th Century. Challenging the expectations of even experienced collectors, this virtuoso antique Caucasian Shirvan runner brings an abundance of exquisitely refined, elegant imagery to the long rug format. This 19th century tribal rug's deeply emotive color palette includes exotic hues of olive green, burnished gold and ochre.

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Persian Rug Design Identification by Color | Heriz|Serapi Rug | Antique Persian Carpet | 43719 by Nazmiyal