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HERIZ, Northwest Persian 8ft 2in x 12ft 4in Late 19th Century This extremely unique antique Persian Serapi Heriz carpet boasts a wondrously inventive all-over pattern composed of unabashedly idiosyncratic archetypal motifs, which are asymmetrically placed on an exuberant naturally dyed persimmon orange field. The composition is framed by a frequently striated, rich sapphire blue border. This folkloric 19th century carpet would have an equally striking effect on either a traditional or…

Ferahan Sarouk, 2nd Quarter, 19th Century.

Persian Tabriz rug - Antique Persian Rug - Antique Rug - BB4583 by Doris Leslie Blau

Serapi, 11ft 6in x 17ft 3in, Circa 1875. This truly one-in-the-world antique Persian Serapi carpet retains the playful yet majestic aesthetic that is virtually never encountered in 19th century Oriental rugs of such large size. This singular oversize 19th century rug would imbue an artful ambiance to a large room, highlighted by its asymmetrical, compartmented medallion and astonishing saturated hues, including a dazzling abundance of rare green.

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Caucasian Shirvan Runner, 4ft 1in x 9ft 7in, 3rd Quarter, 19th Century. Challenging the expectations of even experienced collectors, this virtuoso antique Caucasian Shirvan runner brings an abundance of exquisitely refined, elegant imagery to the long rug format. This 19th century tribal rug's deeply emotive color palette includes exotic hues of olive green, burnished gold and ochre.

SULTANABAD, West Central Persian 10ft 8in x 13ft 3in 3rd Quarter, 19th Century This exceptional Sultanabad carpet perfectly demonstrates the sense of great movement and visual depth seen in top-tier 19th century rugs. It presents the intentionally asymmetrical positioning of its design elements and frequent shifts of hue in its garden-like colors that are avidly prized by seasoned Persian carpet connoisseurs.

This unique, high decorative Heriz antique Persian carpet offers an extremely desirable naturally dyed, time-softened, pastel color palette, balanced design, and florid rendering of motifs. An innovative rendition of the much loved, age-old Harshang ("Dragon and Blossom)" allover pattern is enlivened by a sophisticated assortment of delicately hued blossoms in time-matured shades of subtle sky blue, soft salmon, and rare celadon. (Featured in our catalog Vol. 23, ...

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LAVER KIRMAN, Southeast Persian, 8ft 9in x 11ft 6in, Circa 1875. Signed by the highly respected weaver, Tausensian, this exceptionally nuanced Laver Kirman antique carpet is a masterwork of refined elegance, standing out even among the numerous exquisite examples of this well-respected Court style. Its entrancing, multi-layered medallion is animated by a resplendent assortment of tiny, individually crafted flowerheads, each radiating toward equally painstaking cornerpieces and borders.