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XD - -upload by Mika-dere

XD - -upload by Mika-dere

lol bokuto became the draco of haikyuu

Indigo It <<< didn't even need to rest the hat on his head to already tell his team

Haikyuu captains poor Daichi surrounded by idiots!

Haikyuu captains poor Daichi surrounded by idiots!<<<and the only captains that hang around each other is Bokuto and Kuroo

Everything in this post is fucking PERFECT! Haikyuu Characters Morning Routine #hqtexts | text posts |

im literally a combination of yamaguchi, kenma, and kageyama cuz wut is waking up

kagehina gif - Google Search

Kageyama Tobio x Hinata Shouyou (KageHina) / Haikyuu!