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from India Ink

Repairing the Damage at India's National Archives

National Archives of India: The first information report of the murder of Mahatma Gandhi on Jan. 30, 1948

US National Archives: George Clooney and the National Archives: One degree of separation. M. SGT Harold Maus of Scranton, PA, is pictured with a Durer engraving, found among other art treasures at the Merkers Mine. 5/13/45. (ARC 5757194)

from India Ink

India's Archives: How Did Things Get This Bad?

National Archives of India: A farman or imperial directive issued by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb lies in a torn folder. The label reads, “It is very badly damaged and broken at places.”

from Washington Post

Documents detail price of D.C. slaves’ freedom

Damani Davis, an archivist with the National Archives, discusses original records pertaining to the District of Columbia Compensated Emancipation Act. In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the act, the National Archives shared rarely seen original records pertaining to the act, including petitions from slaves, with the media.

New bits and pieces of RMS Titanic’s story of heroic love, tragedy and enduring mystery have surfaced from an old cardboard box at the national archives.

The creation of information is outstripping the tangible resources available to disseminate it ... director-general of the National Archives of Australia David Fricker.