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No one ever wants to see a man weak.. we always have to fake strong even when we are at our weakest. Sometimes... Sometimes I just wanna be held too

Funny Confession Ecard: Pin-lemma [pin-lem-uh] noun - a situation requiring a choice between scrolling to top to see new pins or to continue to scroll down to see those you missed.

|| SOULFUL SUNDAY || It's been a lovely Sunday filled with laughs with friends. My intention for the week is to open just open & expand. My mini goal - get on top of my fitness and nutrition! What about you? What have you done for you today? What are your intentions & mini goals this week? #soulfulsunday #soulhearted #loveoverfear #love #lifecoach #lifecoaching #takeaction #fitness #excercise #nutrition #paleo #laughs #friends #spiritjunkie #open #expand #minigoals #intentionsetting…

Welcoming Small Victories: Keeping the "me" in Mommy I'm on my way to rejoining the blogosphere! Honest. And in the spirit of starting small I thought I'd share something I've been doing at home to maintain my sanity. If you know me at all you know I'm a doer. A planner yes but also a doer. I haaaate not being able to do the things I dream up in my head. I see a box in a stupid place and I move it. I see a shelf that needs rearranging and I rearrange it. I see a messy dropzone that needs…

Clem Diaries: 4.April.2016 Hello lovelies!It's been awhile (literally years! yikes) since I've done a Clem Diaries post so I figured one was due. In no particular order here are some things:This mom beast takes her small victories quite literally and I love it.This cauliflower and chickpea curry was super easy to make and absolutely delish. Due to a lack of knowing the words to real baby songs this song from Friends has somehow made it onto the rotation. This ridiculously cute miniature…

Lem Ward early carving original paint Ward Brothers. $2,400.00. The Ward brothers, Lemuel T. Ward (1897–1984) and Steven W. Ward (1895–1976) became famous for their wooden wildfowl carvings. In November 2006, a Ward Brothers goldeneye drake decoy sold for US$109,250. This is identified on the bottom as having been done by Lem Ward as a boy ,about 100 years old Original paint.

I'm posting this to clarify boundaries. If you call me at 4am there better be the second coming of Christ or a shoe sale. Everything else can wait until 630 at the earliest. Do you know who wakes up at 4am? Ugly bitches. Don't do that to yourself, or me. -Siri

We are constantly learning who's real in our life.. We only have one life to live so we should be very carful and selective as to who we let in.. 9 times out of ten someone that you think is a friend is sharing your personal business with half the world.. And it only comes down to the fact that they are utterly and most definitely unhappy with their own messed up life..

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10 Brilliant Quotes That Sum Up Friendship

We have the most amazing friends!!! Lord thank you for blessing us so!!!