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The Enlightened Feminist- Abortion is, and will always be, degrading to women. We believe in a woman's right to control her body, and she deserves this right no matter where she lives, even if she's still living inside her mother's womb.

Only a sick evil cruel person would ever kill a child. May their own death be just as cruel and may they scream for mercy that never comes.

Less than one percent of abortion are performed to save the life of the mother, and that is also wrong. #abortionismurder #pregnancy #birth #baby #BAMH #plannedparenthood #plannedmurder #prolife #womensrights #girls #women #mother #mothersday

I rarely, but sometimes, wonder... is this like the slaughter of the innocents in Bethlehem? Is Satan afraid Jesus will come again as a child? Don't see how he could, but with 53 million dead...