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Find the #Truth Behind #Medical #Myths from the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences. Some funny, some dangerous, this is a list of mini articles based on common questions stemming from myths about #health.

The series is all from Harry's POV - and I think his anti-slytherin attitudes are likely stemming from sports rivalries and malfoy specifically. But FOR REAL, slytherins get a raw deal.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton spared no mercy in attacking each other during their second debate, on the heels of a leaked tape of Trump’s lewd remarks in 2005 about hitting on women. The debate, the only one in which undecided voters ask the candidates questions directly, began with Trump defending his explicit comments as

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Why People With PTSD Experience Trauma-Related Guilt

PTSD and guilt commonly co-occur. People who have experienced traumatic events may experience something called trauma-related guilt. It refers to the unpleasant feeling of regret stemming from the belief that you could or should have done something different at the time a traumatic event occurred. For example, an abused person may regret and feel responsible of the 'offense' that is taken. A rape survivor may feel guilty about not fighting back at the time of the assault.

Merkel's Economic Disaster: Only 1 in 10K New Migrants Employed | Truth Revolt

iInspireMefoundation-'Who are you'#Just a short post I wrote like 2 months aback. It's about embracing your youness and walking in that inner truth#iInspireMefoundation #Inspiration stemming from within#Support#Providing support#Club#Community#Outreach#Collaborating with Writer's&Blogger's Worldwide

Diving to the Source, my First Experience with Transcendental Meditation | Delusions of Ink

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The Conservative Collection Daily Quote for 10/5/2016

The Conservative Collection reinforces fundamental holdings of the Right. The collection is daily quotes to reenergize, inform, and strengthen the citizenry with the truths and successes stemming from conservatism.