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"An immensely charming 1940s illustrated ad for Plymouth cars which shows a sweet grandmother basting her Christmas turkey, just as home cooks had done for generations before and certainly still do today. Image via clotho98 on Flickr." (Day 352 of Vintage 365

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Do Guernsey or Jersey Cows Produce the Better Milk?

Pictured right: Summer's Heritage released June 2011 - perhaps no American artist since Norman Rockwell has received such broad exposure and popular acceptance. I love this one!

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Rising inequalities in bereavement and funeral benefits

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Photo and caption by Kristi Raudsepp

"Tori horse is a breed developed in Estonia...starting from 1890 with a stallion named Hetman, crossbreed of a Norfolk Trotter stallion & an Anglo-Norman mare. Tori horses are incredibly strong, both in build & genetics, very friendly & patient. Later the breeding of Tori horse developed a new line of lighter, sporting type of horses. The Tori gelding Helsing on the picture is one of the old-type Toris." -- Top-Rated Photos (April 2011) at National Geographic » Photo & caption by Kristi…