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The cold Steel Special Forces Shovel. You can't go wrong with a shovel that is small enough to carry and can do almost anything (see epic video)

This Special Forces shovel by Cold Steel doubles as hatchet, an axe, a cleaver, a machete, a hammer and a paddle.

Equipment of a British Sergeant in the Battle of the Somme, 1916. On the left is a Trench Club for close-quarters combat. The mess kit contains a knife, fork, spoon, shaving brush and a button stick to prevent Brasso from getting on a uniform polishing brass buttons. The covered steel helmet is the 1915 Brodie design, a million of which were produced in a year.

While the First World War was the first modern war, as the Somme kit illustrates, it was also primitive. Along with his gas mask a private would be issued with a spiked ‘trench club’ – almost identical to medieval weapons.