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Ridiculously good. Ingeniously simple.
Kitchen Table Bakers Flax Seed Parmesan Crisps - A wafer-thin cracker made from only Parmesan cheese, with flax seeds added ($5.99)
Kitchen Table Bakers: Everything Parmesan Crisps. http://affordablegrocery.com
Need to give your diet a good spring cleaning? Our ParmCrisps are a good place to start. They’re low-carb, sugar-free and packed with protein and calcium. The hardest part - picking a flavor!
Kitchen Table Bakers: Sesame Parmesan Crisps. http://affordablegrocery.com
Kitchen Table Bakers Mini ParmCrisps - OMG! Sooo good!
On a low carb diet? Staying on track can be difficult, but not anymore! Here are 50 low carb snack ideas to keep on hand for when hunger strikes.
Rosemary Parmesan Crisps Click to Enlarge
Spring allergies got you down? Try munching on a few of our Basil Pesto ParmCrisps. Basil leaves hold chemical compounds that are known to promote health, and they’re delicious when paired with Parmesan cheese. Pick up a box and embrace the season!
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