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If only

I would watch the HELL out of this!!!

Community Post: A Beginner's Guide To "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"

She’s one of the most legendary female characters on TV. Ever. She’s flawed, and she’s strong, and she’s weak, and she’s complicated. She’s a person. Sometimes she cracks under the pressure. But she’s got a job to do, and she gets it done.

A heartwarming explanation to a scene in Lord Of The Rings…

I'm incredibly sorry for the language but it's important to look past it to see the story. My favorite part of LOTR is Gimli and Legolas and their developing friendship and I will never understand why a lot of it was cut out of the theatrical versions.

"Do you have any Deans in stockand a Castiel?

Erised is desire backwards O.o

Unappreciated Sam…

Actually, he gets all the credit. In my opinion, Frodo is the true hero of LOTR. Sam helped, and Frodo would have failed without him, but Sam could never have made it on his own either. It was a two-person job. --description written by Frodo the Second

Work from home? Make sure you surround yourself with motivational posters. - Imgur

It certainly is, Snape. It certainly is.

You don’t make sense Ron…

"I'm not even in this fandom and I know that was a no-no" hahaha