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From Consuelo Keller (Switzerland): 3D printed jewelry

From Daniele Bortotto (Italy): Spirale from .bijouets: the never-ending line becomes a 3D necklace

From Dario Scapitta Design (Netherlands): SPARKLING_evo 3d jewelry collection

From Christopher Poehlmann (United States): newGROWTH 2 LED

From Pamela Lindgren (Sweden): Hommage a Magritte

From WertelOberfell (Germany): Dizzy for Stilnest

From Giulia (Romania): QUEEN's Silver Plated Jewelry Set

From Michiel Cornelissen (Netherlands): Detour jewelry collection - Handlebar Pendant #tdf2015

From Carolina Giraldo, Mauricio Chamie (Spain): FESTIVO EVERYDAY

From Bea Correa (Brazil): GOOD&BAD earings