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The Ant and the Aardvark - Love these! They were usually mixed in with the Pink Panther :D


Waitress~when I was growing up my parents owned a restaurant, this was before child labor laws, cause I worked there ALL the time! And I loved it, loved being a waitress, although very hard work its all about people and I am a people person!

Grown Up (physically)

Grown Up (physically

Up at the crack of dawn to watch my favorite cartoon HONG KONG PHOOEY.

Dave Grohl: "There were many inspirations behind naming the band the Foo Fighters. I was a fan of tv show Kung Fu with David Carradine.Of course the other inspiration behind naming the band came with the Saturday morning cartoon 'Hong Kong Phooey.

Fandom loves to see in black and white. Arguments over whether characters are “good” or “bad” rage on forums all over the Internet, but Steven Universe understands that those questions are neither useful nor interesting. The question of whether or not we should sympathize with Pearl is not a matter of holding her actions up against a rubric and declaring she passes or fails but a matter of seeing her fight to define herself and trying to meet it with our own human experiences. The value of…

I relate to Pearl so much sometimes, I've definitely had my fair share of thinking I wasn't good enough.

Andy's growth really made me cry, and probably every teenager and adult were very sad seeing him for the last time in Toy Story 3

Our favorite Disney characters grow up with us. Seeing Wendy all grown up and Peter hasn't changed at all makes my heart cry.

First Disney film I ever saw, Love the music as much today as I did when I first saw it - Waiting for a blu ray edition to be released.

The Jungle Book (1967)

Cover of the Two-Disc Platinum Edition Disney DVD of "The Jungle Book". HD Wallpaper and background photos of The Jungle Book - Two-Disc Platinum Edition Disney DVD Cover for fans of Walt Disney Characters images.

ehjaybones:  geez, Mako. super uncool  based on this post

super uncool based on this post(((((oh my god asami XD and makos face in the end!