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Knights Alice Watches the Fight Between the Red Knight and the White Knight Giclee Print by John Tenniel at Art.com

[ A photograph of a pale skinned blue eyed woman from the waist up. She wears the torso and arm armour of a Conquisitidor, her long brown hair spilling acros her shoulders, red blood splattered across the left side. She regards the viewer with a look of concentration. ] womenfighters: Another picture of Nicole Leigh from Jetrefilm’s Shroud. Wow, that film looks all sort of awesome.

Lyanna Stark was the younger sister of Lord Eddard Stark and was betrothed to Ned's childhood friend Robert Baratheon. Her abduction by Rhaegar Targaryen was the event that ultimately triggered Robert's Rebellion and led to the downfall of the Targaryen Dynasty.

In his own words: "I was under constant stress and walking on eggshells. She would spend half an hour yelling at me for not wiping the counter top, but I could not comment on her overspending. She frequently told me,”You should be like a knight in shining armor that takes care of everything” and ”You should put me on a pedestal and worship the ground I walk up on.”

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