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Portrait of Emilie Louise Flöge by Gustav Klimt, 1902

Emilie Flöge was a fascinating personality belonging to the Bohemian and Viennese society of the late nineteenth century. She was partner of the painter Gustav Klimt.

Another Pinner Writes:'Portrait of Emilie Flöge' - 1902 - by Gustav Klimt (Austrian, - Oil on canvas - - Historical Museum of the City of Vienna, Vienna, Austria - Style: Art Nouveau (Modern) - Watsonette.

Emilie Floege Painting  - Emilie Floege Fine Art Print

Emilie Floege

'Emilie Floege' -- 1902 -- Gustav Klimt -- Austrian -- Oil on canvas -- German History Museum of Vienna, Austria

Gustav Klimt.

Gustav KLIMT Austria 1862 – 1918 Emilie Flöge 1902 oil on canvas x cm Wien Museum, Vienna (I love Klimt. If I were rich & needed a portrait painted I'd want it in this style.

Emilie Floge por Gustav Klimt

Emilie Louise Floge ~ KlimtEmilie Louise Flöge was an Austrian designer, fashion designer and businesswoman. She was the life companion of the painter Gustav Klimt.

Gustav Klimt (1862--1918)  Austrian symbolist painter  // Gustav Klimt was an Austrian symbolist painter noted for his paintings, murals, sketches, and other objets d'art

The Best Paintings of The Great Gustav Klimt

Gustav KLIMT Austria 1862 – 1918 Emilie Flöge 1902 oil on canvas Wien Museum, Vienna

Gustav Klimt. Portrait of Emilie Flöge 1902

Happy Birthday, Gustav Klimt: July 14, 1862- February 6, 1918

I love Gustav Klimt, his characters all seem to have an awkward air to them, like their faces and bodies aren't quite in sync. ~Gustav Klimt, 'Portrait of Emilie Floge

Klimt, portait of Emilie Flôge

Portrait of Emilie Flöge, 1902 Gustav Klimt

Emilie in Summer Dress, 1906, Photo by Klimt

Austrian fashion designer Emilie Flöge & companion of Gustav Klimt.

Emilie Flöge im Modesalon, © IMAGNO/Austrian Archives

Emilie Flöge in Fashion Salon 'Sisters Flöge'. Photo by Madame d'Ora. Fall (Photo by Imagno/Getty Images)

Portrait of Maria Munk (unfinished), 1917-1918 Gustav Klimt - by style - Japonism, Art Nouveau (Modern) -

gustavklimt-art: “ Portrait of Maria Munk (unfinished), 1918 Gustav Klimt ”

Emilie Floge esposa de Gustav Klimt

Emilie Floge esposa de Gustav Klimt

Emilie Flöge in "Concert Dress" designed by Gustav Klimt, 1906

Imagine this autochrome portrait of Emilie Floge at ten feet tall. That is what I saw when I entered the second floor salon at the Neue Gal.

Gustav Klimt, Wasserschlangen

"Sea Serpents" by Gustav Klimt - Gustav Klimt Museum.

Emile Floge

Emilie Flöge was the life-long companion & muse of gustave klimt & one of vienna's most exclusive couturier's between 1904 &

GUSTAV KLIMT  Emilie Floge con un abito di Gustave Klimt e gioielli disegnati da Koloman Moser.  Moda e Design di Gabriella D’Amato, Bruno Mondadori.

GUSTAV KLIMT Emilie Floge with a Gustave Klimt jeweled dress designed by Koloman Moser. Fashion and Design Gabriella D'Amato, Bruno Mondadori.