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Poef Makenna, zwart/wit/naturel, H 35 cm

LOBBÄK Rug, flatwoven - made to withstand rain, snow and dirt so should be great in dog room

IKEA — OSTED Rug, flatwoven [various sizes] ("The rug is hard-wearing and durable because it’s made of sisal, a natural fiber taken from the agave plant. Polyester edging makes the rug very durable and strong. Looks the same on both sides, so you can turn it over and it will withstand more wear and last longer. Ideal for high traffic areas like hallways since the rug is easy to vacuum and maintain.")

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Windlicht Mosaic, turquoise/zwart, Ø 8 cm

Spiegel Lieke, goud, 27x22 cm

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