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Well, it's decided... I'm gonna be an old cat lady. :)

If I was a veterinarian. This is particularly funny for me since I'm pre-vet and this is way too true.

Seriously, you're fucking knocked up. It's a baby, not a gnome or a potato or a triceratops. Stop with the 'expecting' shit.

i think on my pregnancy announcements, I'm going to say that. You know, I could have a velociraptor baby.

The Physics Of A Clean Shirt

Funny pictures about The Physics Of A Clean Shirt. Oh, and cool pics about The Physics Of A Clean Shirt. Also, The Physics Of A Clean Shirt photos.

Funny knitting cartoon

Hilarious cartoon - no limits for grandmas with chopsticks. No grandma. One hand like this. Whoops I made a scarf

Phil Jones, aka murraymullet, creates playful illustrations of objects and pets that will leave you smiling.

Quirky Illustrations with Funny Messages

Ah yes... coffee drinkers live longer. If that is the case, then I. am. The. Highlander!

A new study reveals that coffee drinkers live longer . Let's keep chuggin' the good stuff! We'll all be immortal soon!

I should bring this up in my next lifeguard training haha

Listfull: 6 memes that are probably funny to lifeguards (and others who like pools)

Funny pictures about CPR Instructions. Oh, and cool pics about CPR Instructions. Also, CPR Instructions.

// Elephants and Women Never Forget

anna grape - elephants an women never forget

Saw this in the latest New Yorker magazine

Mother Tucks Her Child Into Bed by William Haefeli