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storefront concept for Denton Better Block

storefront concept for Denton Better Block

Denton Better Block entrance idea

Denton Better Block entrance idea

they did a good job of making their store front pop.  I could definitely see this filled with books. [fox on the run]

Purl Soho NY is this week's nominee for best brick and mortar fabric shop storefront

Paris hair salon

Really nice shop front - Paris Hair Salon. Photo by Catherine Mangosing

Cute Flower Shop - stealing the wooden crate idea.

We can all learn from Parisian flower shops. Make your shop inviting, always have fresh flowers on your doorstep. Oh, and smile and dazzle your customers with your bouquets. They have amazing photos of their biz, too.

Le Procope Restaurant, Paris

Le Procope Restaurant, Paris oldest restaurant. site of the first café in France. John and I had a wonderful dinner here in atmosphere is what you should go for.

Flower market london

Chez Michele flower shop in Borough Market, just off of the south end of London Bridge. If you're staying at Trinity Square Flat, this is a relatively short walk across London Bridge and a must see on Saturday mornings when you explore the market.