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Vintage Geisha photo

This page is dedicated to the beautiful performers of Japan, both Past and Present. I do not claim to own any of these images.

The art of being a geisha partially lies in the meticulous application of her make-up. Let’s discover its history and characteristics…

The geisha’s make-up, origins and techniques in the geisha make-up art<----It is called traditional Japanese makeup, people.

How Well Do You Really Know Japan?                                                                                                                                                                                 More

How Well Do You Really Know Japan?

Traditional Kimono dress women in Japan / Geisha apprentices, Kyoto People *** By momoyama

Gheisha lips

I can't believe this is the norm now. It's so western. I loved when it was only the bottom lip painted.

This maiko looks so elegant. I can't stop looking at her hand with the dance fan!

Miyagawa-cho Maiko dancing on stage at the Himesanja Odoro. Heian-jingo shrine in Kyoto, Japan. April Photography by Teruhide Tomori

Les Geishas ... Excellence et Raffinement à l'extrême !

Les Geishas ... Excellence et Raffinement à l'extrême !

walking / people / japanese / street / girls : maiko (geisha apprentices), kyoto japan / canon EF (by momoyama)

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Honor Interview October November 2012 Shot by: Fabien Baron Styling: Karl Templer Model: Meghan Collison