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How to Make an Infinity Scarf - in Just 3 Steps

Home Decor Sewing School

Learn the simple sewing technique for giving a flat piece of fabric boxed corners to fit over tables, cushions and more!

Easy to Sew Pajama Shorts for Summer

Pull out the sewing machine and make the kids a fun pair of pajama shorts this summer! This easy sewing project is perfect for beginner and novice sewers.

Rolled Hem Basics & How To

All about how to sew a beautiful rolled hem on your machine with this specialty foot. Using the special rolled hem foot takes care of everything in a single pass - quick, easy and oh-so pretty. A basic rolled hem is perfect for napkins. Also works great on things like a circle skirt where you need a really narrow hem. It's all covered in this tutorial and tips at The Sewing Loft. Read more here...

For Baby

An index of all of the Free Baby Patterns available on Fleece Fun. Babies are so much fun to sew for! Here you'll find all kinds of baby sewing projects. From quick ideas for a baby shower gift t...