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Meet the little dog that survived a coyote attack

Meet the little dog that survived a coyote attack

Dog gets new limb, home after coyote attack

Bandit, a puppy, lost his left front foot when a coyote attacked him in Kentucky.

Pet dog attacked by coyote in Downers Grove, police say

A man outside with his dog turned around to find the pet being carried off in the mouth of a coyote at a. according to Downers Grove police.

Coyote Attacks | coyote attack leaves a local woman shaken and concerned : Revelstoke ...

A coyote attack leaves a local woman shaken and concerned

California coyote, have been attacking children as of lately. California California there put on warning

Two coyote attacks on young children prompt California to warn residents

Jazzy was attacked and eaten by a coyote.

Some Henderson residents say they are living in fear after a recent string of confrontations with coyotes. In one case, a woman's small dog was snatched by a coyote as she walked the pet.

Colorado Man Attacked By A Pack of Coyotes

Andrew Dickehage, of Boulder, Colo. was attacked at 5 a. According to a report in the Boulder Daily Camera, Dickehage was treated for injuries and given vaccines for tetanus and rabies.


The Coyote: Back when I was younger I owned a 40 acre farm in Indiana. While putting up hay there was a pack of coyotes chasing a deer. The deer were running across

Potential coyote attack spurs investigations | CTV Ottawa News/ nov,2012

Ottawa police are investigating a potential coyote attack in a south-end community last month.

A coyote prowls a snow-covered field in the suburbs.

Warning: Suburban coyotes view your pets as intruders

Coyote sightings and even periodic attacks on dogs have become part of the suburban culture. Separating facts from fiction, and learning how to protect your pets during coyote mating season, can help prevent public panic.