Happy birthday to my bestest friend ever @lama_ghnaim I love you soooo much, and i wish you all the best ❤❤❤❤❤

So my friend @elprincipessa dragged me out of bed for breakfast lazy me I arrived in time for lunch Lol ☺ sorry @elprincipessa what can I say fashionably late I love my short boots by @Irregular Choice

Ok girls let's do this lets watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3d.. My favorite type of movie is Horror but it's not my girlfriends favorite, that's why I always have to drag them to the cinema to watch horror movie which I don't mind doing Half way through the movie the girls start disappearing and am left alone I give the movie 7/10, it was entertaining ❤

Al barari "The Farm" restaurant was such a beautiful experience❤❤ The food was so healthy and organic (although my friends and cousins are fast food junkies) The atmosphere is so friendly and relaxing, what's even more impressive is that I gave them a list of all the food allergies I have and they cooked special dishes just for me I love them The location is far away from the city and the busy city traffic which makes it a great escape I suggest to go there for breakfast or lunch

Happy birthday Nawar sweety

Out with my girlfriends in Joe's cafe Dubai mall ❤❤ The mission of this urgent, serious gathering is to plan and brainstorm ideas for my wedding which will happen very soon ✌ Ideas gathered NONE Brainstorm result NONE Plans NONE Mission FAILED But hey, at least we had some good food ☺ I guess girls just wana have fun Mission aborted ✌

Today was fun I went to the Fluffy Tour and watched Gabriel Iglesias live on stage, I haven't laughed this much since a long time Everything that came out of his mouth was hilarious, I loved the show ❤❤

Took my sister on a sisterly date to Pantry Cafe It's a new place in Al Wasil Square ❤ It's very cozy and the food is so healthy and unique The decor is amazing You guys must visit ❤❤❤

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