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Bombshell: Obama Created Subprime Loans As Lawyer | Washington Times Communities. OBAMA was a part of the HOUSING CRASH. Who did he blame???? Anyone remember????? I think it was the person who went to Congress 17 times warning that the 'bubble' was going to burst. That person was told by OBAMA, DODD, FRANKS, and others that everything was FINE. WHO CAN NAME THAT PERSON??????????

..It took 3 years of listening to excuses and lies from this man, but American's are now aware of his true intentions and reject them. Vote for Romney/Ryan on Nov 6th

All three are Masons. Almost all presidents were Masons or Skulls and Bones (Bush). Just read Albert Pike's, founder KKK and Mason, letter to Mazzini, founder Mafia and Mason. There are Masons in the Islam too. The Freemasonic Moslim Brotherhood is very old and they worship the goddes Isis. Pike wrote about creating a war between the Jews, Moslims and Christians.

Obama -The One Video. Delves into who he really is ... the most secretive president in American history. WOW! This is well done.

Democrat’s Biggest Donor Has Refused to Pay $7 Billion in U.S. Taxes He Owes (WHOA!) Read more: http://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/democrats-biggest-donor-has-refused-to-pay-7-billion-in-u-s-taxes-he-owes-whoa/#ixzz3Yv2UYIGe - The Political Insider

This residing president is demolishing our country,our Constitution,trying to divide our nation through racism.This president IS a racist.Oh yeah,he's also the liar of all liars.

Obama Harvard Tapes Exposed on Hannity.. To those of us who have looked at this man with clear eyes..we already know who he is.. It is however a wake up call to many blind followers.

Obama has shown his favoritism time and time again for the Islamic faith. Christian Churches have had enough! Today, our President is visiting his father’s home country of Kenya. He’s trying to develop strong ties with Kenya but the Kenyans don’t care about “gay” marriage rights and the homosexual agenda. Now, Mark Kaniuki and 700

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