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still life

Toronto-based illustrator Elizabeth Sherry has created an amazing Mario-themed still life featuring fire flowers, mushrooms, coins, shells, and other iconic objects from the Super Mario Bros.

I don't know if this is real, but if it is - I want it.

I want this because of reasons

Portable Gamecube ~ I could play so much Zelda and Mario Kart.

11. Thou shalt never sell anything, just in case. | The 10 Commandments of RPGs

The 10 Commandments of RPGs

The 10 Commandments of RPGs. Amen and hell yeah. Gods yes, guilty as charged!

Yeah but she's our witch

Malcolm Reynolds in Firefly: "Yeah but she's our witch.

I have the strongest desire to make one of these... and hang it proudly in my living room.

In Case of 8-Bit Emergency

Funny pictures about In case of retro gaming emergency. Oh, and cool pics about In case of retro gaming emergency. Also, In case of retro gaming emergency.

レトロゲームの2D画面を紙で3D化したファンメイドのジオラマ | Game*Spark - 国内・海外ゲーム情報サイト

Legend Of Zelda Paper Diorama - Gain a new perspective on the world of Zelda with this paper diorama of the Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past map. Designed by artist Wuppes of Luxemberg, this handmade diorama is a must have collectible for Zelda geeks.

"Dude! I'm not Zelda!" for those of us who can relate... #Tshirt

He's not Zelda

A boy in my class asked this girl who the main character of Legend of Zelda is, and she said Zelda. Technically it's Link<< Zelda doesn't really do anything until the final battle in some loz games

When your friends invite you out and you actually have fun !

Nerdy poster created on Artworktool! #nerds

ode to the gamers (nintendo,video games,choose your weapon,gamers,nerd)