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6’ Utility Walking stick

Multi-Function Walking Stick II - Storage Compartment

Add Decorative and Functional Copper Ends to a Hiking Staff.This is Part 2 in the Multi-Function Walking Stick Instructables series.The original Multi-Function Walking Stick Instructable describes how to make a ...

Sew a Stylish All-Purpose Tote with Pockets Galore: A Photo Guide

Make an All-Purpose Tote with Pockets Galore: A Photo Guide: Materials Needed and Cutting Instructions

These simple design rules apply to even the most complicated closets. To avoid the problem of sagging shelves, eliminate mid-span supports by limiting their span to 32".

Wind-Powered Walking Rhino Kit Blowing into the fan of this innovative kit activates the robotic legs to walk against the on-coming breeze. The wind power is conveyed to the legs by 3 gears. Comprised of over 120 parts, this approx. 6” wide plastic model kit assembles in less than 2 hours. Includes easy to-follow assembly instructions but requires a utility knife that is not included.

Convert an Unfinished Laundry Area Into a Laundry Room

Make your laundry room more attractive and functional by reworking the plumbing and adding a new sink and countertop.

How to Organize: Garage Storage Projects

Rotating corner shelves These shelves put a garage corner to maximum storage use. They spin on two lazy Susans, one on the bottom and one at the top (under the top shelf). They can't tip because the top shelf is screwed to the wall.