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"Self-portrait" - Leon Bonnat (1855) Those eyes...what is it about brooding men we ladies find so handsome?

Jacques-Louis David, Portrait of François-Antoine Rasse de Gavre, 1816. The sitter's father may have commissioned this portrait from David out of sympathy for the exiled painter. The boy was sixteen years old when the portrait was painted, and although his clothes are elegant and stylish, his untidy hair and his wispy moustache hint at his youth. Oil on canvas.

The so-called Fayoum portraits, more than 1,000 of them, are the largest body of ancient portable paintings to have survived. They are portraits, painted mostly on wood, of men, women and children, young and old, believed to have been painted in their lifetime, sometimes framed and displayed in the homes, and later sawn to fit just inside the sarcophagus where they were placed on top of the face within the mummy wrappings to preserve the memory of the deceased.

George Henry, Edward Atkinson Hornel Portrait of an old man in a scarlet tunic, 1881. Harrogate Museums and Arts / Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation